When calling the main number (406-285-0123), you will reach an automated voice menu.


In the event of an emergency, please call

406-285-0123.  Press 5 for immediate transfer

to our On-Call Veterinarian.


Please have the following information ready:


  • Owner’s name and phone number
  • Name, age, breed, sex of the horse
  • Description of the problem
  • Insurance company name and phone number (if applicable)
  • Paper and pencil to write down instructions
  • Patient’s Physical Location

Referring Veterinarians:


Calling the main number (406-285-0123) is most efficient. Our doctors often take calls on their mobile phones, but the main number is best during an emergency/referral situation. Our on-call doctors will call back right away to discuss the case. A specialist is always available to consult with you.

Time Sensitive

If you aren’t sure whether the situation is a true emergency, that’s OK. Press 5 to be connected with the On-Call Veterinarian to discuss the situation with your horse(s).

Message Only

Press 0 to leave a message for the next business day. Our receptionist will ensure that your message is delivered to the appropriate person in a timely fashion. **(From the regular non-emergency voicemail, you can always press *811 to return to the on-call vet phone)**